Learn Charcuterie, with Topics Including:

  • How to butcher a hog using nothing but a knife and European seam-butchery techniques with an emphasis on heritage breeds

  • How to use curing salt to salt cure meat

  • How to make Charcuterie using techniques that keep food costs low

  • How to smoke meat

  • How to get Charcuterie cuts from USDA cuts

  • How to use nitrites and nitrates

  • How to work with trim/offal

Chef Brian has 35+ years of knowledge in Charcuterie and butchery, two critically acclaimed books on the subject, two James Beard award nominations, and the real world experience of making his own Charcuterie in his restaurants.

A 2 Day Charcuterie and Whole-Hog Butchery Course with Chef Brian Polcyn is...



Students should expect a serious learning environment. Each day is a non-stop flow of material, beginning with the fundamentals of the craft and progressing to more intricate parts of the craft. All levels of knowledge will be appealed to.



This course covers all things Charcuterie. From pâté, terrine, and fresh sausage making to butchering of a whole-hog for Charcuterie cuts. Learn how to utilize Charcuterie in your restaurant to keep food costs low while utilizing every part of the pig.



There is a lot of material to cover during the two days with Chef Brian, both days are packed end to end with information (we want you to get your value's worth). This onslaught of information is mitigated by Chef Brian's superb teaching skills, expect to ask a lot of questions, take a lot of notes, and leave feeling pleasantly overwhelmed with knowledge.


All who are serious about Charcuterie and learning more about the craft are welcome to Chef Brian’s butcher and Charcuterie courses. Check out his 2-day course curriculum below for a detailed list of everything covered during the course.

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"I was a professor at Georgia State for over 25 years. One of the things I appreciated most about the course is Chef Bryan is truly a teacher. In this condensed course, he understood what was most important for us to get out of it and he condensed in a way that made it possible for us to absorb it in such a great time period.  And he continued to circle back to those over again and again. Not everyone who is a master of their craft can do that like he did."

- Sandee H.

"The European seam butchery portion was incredibly informative. It is also a pleasure to watch a master at work."

- Daniel Z.

“Hands on, humor, knowledge in simple form.” “Enjoyed the class very much. Thank you for the passion and personal time to on the knowledge of Charcuterie.”

- Nathan S (Chef)

“Learning the different styles of breaking down a hog and what you can do
with all the different parts of the pig.” “Very glad I took the class. It was a great learning experience for a beginner in butchery and Charcuterie.”

- Lindsay V.